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Poochies Pet Spa - 225 Blanding Blvd Orange Park Florida 32073
Poochies Pet Spa
Hungry Eyes
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  We are located at 225 Blanding Blvd Orange Park Florida 32073 . We take pride in the specials needs for all pooches . We are offering 5$ off for new clients or free flea,teeth brushing or anal gland expression. We also have full/ partial or just for fun tattoos. ( Air Brush).

  Why groom your dog ?
Besides the obvious " squeaky clean" feeling there are many reasons why you should groom your pet.Let's start at the toes; dogs have a minimum of 16 nails, sometimes more depending on how many dew claws they have (these are in the same position as your thumb, and some dogs have them on both front and back feet. Each nail is examined and trimmed to the correct length, carefully avoiding the quick which can bleed if exposed. Front or hind dew claws could be obscured by hair and matts, and as they grow in a circle without contact with the floor it is our duty, trim these to prevent them becoming ingrown.Along with      the nails, all long-haired dogs
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